Talk to me…

Here’s a list of my favourite cool cat sayings found and compiled from various sources, films and books.

Now you too can talk that rockabilly talk!

Baby – Cute girl, term of address for either sex

Back seat bingo – Necking in a car

Bad news – Depressing person

Bash – Great party

Bit – An act

Blast –  A good time

Boss – Great

Bread – Money

Bug –  to bother someone

Burn rubber – To accelerate hard and fast (hot-rodders)

 Cat – A hip person (Beats)

Cherry – Originally, an unaltered car. Later, anything attractive (hot-rodders, originally)

Classy chassis – Great body

Cloud 9 – Really happy

Clyde – Term of address, usually for a normal person (Beats)

Cook, cookin’ – Doing it well

Cool – Indefinable quality that makes something or someone extraordinary

Cool it – Relax, settle down

 Crazy  –  good thing

Cream – Originally, to dent a car. Later, to badly damage (hot-rodders, originally)

 Cruisin’ for a bruisin’ – Looking for trouble

 Daddy-O – Term of address (beatnick)

Dibs – A claim – as in “got dibs” on that seat

 Dig – To understand; to approve

Drag – (greaser) A short car race; (beatnick) A bore

 Eyeball – Look around

 Fast – Someone who was sexually active

Fire Up – Start your engine (greaser)

Flat out – Fast as you can

Flick – A movie

Flip – To get excited – “He’s gonna flip when he hears the news.”

Floor it – Push the accelerator to the floor (greaser)

 Get Bent! – Disparaging remark as in “drop dead”

 Get with it – Understand

Gig – Work, job (beatnick)

Go ape – Get very excited

Goof – Someone who makes mistakes

Goose it – Accelerate the car fully (greaser)

Greaser – A guy with tons of grease in his hair, which later came to describe an entire group of people.

Grody – Sloppy, messy or dirty

 Hang – As in “hang out” which means to do very little

Haul ass – Drive very fast (hot-rodders)

Heat – Police (beatnick)

Hep – With it, cool. Someone who knows the situation.

Hip – Someone who is cool, in the know. Very good.

Horn – Telephone

 Kick – A fun or good thing; Also, a fad

Kill – To really impress

Knuckle sandwich – A fist in the face

Kookie – Nuts, in the nicest possible way

 Later, also later, gator – Goodbye. See ya later, alligator. Response: in a while crocodile.

Lay a patch – To accelerate so hard that you leave a patch of rubber on the road.

Lay on – To give (beatnick)

 Made in the shade – Success guaranteed

Make out – A kissing session

Make the scene – To attend an event or activity

Meanwhile, back at the ranch –  Usually used to get a storyteller back on track.

Most – As in “the most” – high praise usually of the opposite sex

 Nerd – Geek

Nod – Drift off to sleep

No sweat – No problem

Nowhere – Opposite of cool.

Nowheresville- was a boring, bad place to be. (beatnick)

 Odd ball – Someone a bit off the norm

Off the line – Start of a drag race (greaser)

 Pad – Home

Party pooper – No fun at all

Peepers – Glasses

Pound – Beat up

Punch it – Step on the gas (greaser)

Put down – To say bad things about someone

 Rag Top – A convertible car

Real gone – in love. Also unstable.

Righto – Okay

Rock – A diamond

Rocket – A car (greaser)

Rod – A car (greaser)

Royal shaft – Badly or unfairly treated

Scream – Go fast

Screamer – A hot rod

Shot down – Failed

Sides – Vinyl records

Sing – To tattle or inform on someone (beatnick)

Sounds – Music

Souped up – A car modified to go fast

Spaz – Someone who is uncoordinated. A clutz.

Split – Leave

Square – A regular, normal person. A conformist.

Stacked – A woman with large er, ah…you know, up top!

 That’s close – Something wrong or not true

Think Fast – Usually said right before someone threw something at you

Threads – Clothes

Tight – Good friends

Total – To completely destroy, most often in reference to a car

 Unreal – Exceptional

 Wet rag – Someone who’s just no fun

What’s a buzzin, cuzzin – What’s new?

What’s your tale, nightingale – What’s the story?

Wheelie – Left the car’s front wheels off the ground by fast acceleration


3 thoughts on “Talk to me…

  1. Karl terry says:

    Hi I saw you your partner and cool son whilst painting at whitstable yesterday..I think you were the coolest family I’ve ever seen
    .told my wife when 8 got back. If you want one of the paintings I did you are welcome to one as a gift.. I normally charge a lot but you guys can have one for free:-)


    • follyfatale says:

      Karl thanks for your message, It was lovely to meet you on Sunday, what a talented man you are!! I must say i was so surprised when i saw your message…. how did you find me??
      Thank you very much for the compliment, we often cause quite the stir when we have a family day out (car included)
      Mark was incredibly impressed with your work and the painting you were working on at the time, it was simply wonderful and would look very fitting in our whitstable home.. but that is a very generous gift?!
      I was wondering if you would be interested in painting the chevy one day in the future and in exchange maybe i could write a piece about you on the website promoting your work.
      hope to hear from you soon.

      my email is –



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