Saturday night at the Movies…

With a fancy for some boppin’ beats and red hot roadsters cruisin’ the streets…

Folly has full on Fifties film fever tonight!

Now, my Saturday night in just wouldn’t be complete without the company of some….

Hot Roddin’…

Retro Rockin’…

Cool Cats!



These all come complete in the Rockabilly Rebel film

Deuce of Spades!

Check out the tasty teaser here…

Jeans that Dreams are made of….

Originally called Overalls and a standard issue item for hardworking Miners, Wild West Cowboys and the plain Ol’ Wild ones of society, Denim Jeans saw a stamp of ‘hip’ being stitched into its seams during the 1950s, causing a double take to those daring to wear!

Famously Eddie Cochran was the first to Rock and Roll his Denim on stage.

Eddie Cocran

As Part of his Missisippi homeland, the jeans were an everyday uniform of the sharecropper and Eddie felt more than comfortable staying true to his roots.

 Elvis also wore the cuffed denim style and certainly helped to make them ‘cool’, although mainly worn when off duty, as he felt the material wasn’t quite ‘showtime’ enough for the stage!

Fitting for the flicks….

An American hero status came ruggedly riding into film reels by the mid 50’s, Flicks featuring the epitome of lawless youth and stylish sex symbols like James Dean and Marlon Brando came on to screens everywhere, burly brandishing a pair of pegged denim….. so its no wonder that todays collectors are falling over themselves to snag a pair of selvedge.

Now rockin’ a reformed rebellious status, Denim-wear became the chosen cachet for the uber cool kids in town!

 Levi strauss & co ran ads in support of teens wearing their jeans in class, this was to be frowned upon by many East Coast schools, and because of such a revolutionary rogue reputation being sewn on to the style, some schools soon felt the need to ban the style from their dress code completely…… taking the trend out with the trash!

Or so they thought….

A letter from an East Coast professor to levi’s read as follows, “While I have to admit this may be ‘right for school- in San Francisco, in the west, or in some rural areas I can assure you that it is in bad taste and not ‘right for school’ in the East.”

Well This didn’t stop any hip guy getting his gear on outside and away from the rules of those rigid and restrictive institutions.

The Forbidden fashion only made the teens denim desires stronger.

To Cuff or not to Cuff, that is the question….

ok, so on the rockabilly scene we all love to cuff our jeans, i hear of so many rules and regulations on how to, where to, how high, show selvage or no selvage…..

but quite frankly, the original reason for cuffing a jean was due to the fit!

Most families had a hand me down policy…..

 If your older brother grew out of his jeans, they were often passed down to you, whether they fit perfectly in length was far from a problem….. because what did you do??…….you’d turn em up!

Tah-Dah! the cuff was invented.

Many Modern fellow fifties enthusiasts love to show off the white seams of the selvage, which is found on the inside leg of the jean.

This results in various sizes of cuffs being turned up all around town.

How to tell that you’re donning some Darn’ right good denim…

Levi strauss & co,  Lee Cooper and Wrangler were the most popular ‘fashion’ brands for denim in the 1950’s,  and because of the hand me down nature, most pairs were literally worn out! resulting in them being thrown out!! So true vintage examples are rare and highly priced.

Looking for an iconic pair of levi jeans from the 1950’s??  Well its worth keeping your eyes skinned for the pairs known as capital Es, due to the upper case E being visible on the pockets red tab.

Since 1971 the tab has been spelt with a lower case e

A desirable jacket to collect would be the 1953- 507 XX jacket, or more commonly know as the“number two” or the “second edition”.

If true vintage isn’t your style, or not for your shape then….

Repro is the way to go! 

When you find a good pair of reproduction jeans, you just know it!

Here are some of my favourite company’s, tried and tested by myself, (in the ladies section of course).

But i have my trusty male assistants that can vouch for you Gents, that in this little selection, are the jeans that dreams are made of!

Go get denim hunting guys!

Lawless Leathers

Whether its the bomber Blouson, the silver studded biker or the alternative sheepskin lined airman, Leather lovers during the 1940’s and 50’s had jackets to cater for every tough guy and military man in town.

Military boys branding Bombers!

Military Bombers!

Notorious during the 1950’s for being the essential outerwear for fiesty Greasers, bad boy Bikers and the hot-rodding teen culture.

1950's Greasers

1950’s Greasers

while popular, these jackets were of course not the chosen style for every gent in town….

So if you are a modern reveller of rockabilly culture, but you don’t own a leather, let me tell you..its ok!….

It’s safe to say not everyone in the 1950s was wearing one, and those key pieces that are often pumped out today as being the ‘essentials’ for the true rockabilly look, are not necessarily accurate, so vintage lovers, if you like it…wear it, if you don’t….dont!

 Because back in day not every man had one, nor did every man want one!!

Although i must say, they can look simply….. slick!!!

Black leather and silver studs.

Teens were seen as being on the fringes of society

If you are considering a leather jacket, then its good to know that it would have been worn with….

A pair of pegged slacks work perfectly for best, or a pair of cuffed jeans (we will get to the bottom of the cuff myth in the jeans section) with some good quality engineer boots for when working on that old car!

 Although more commonly believe it or not….Penny loafers! These loafers were the most popular choice, and any other leather shoes that a guy had kicking around that would be hardwearing and oil resistant would have fit the bill!

Eventually evolving into signature cult look, The leather laden characteristic was originally adopted for its resistance to the grease often gained from the teens constant tinkering with cars and straddling of bikes.

This signature style was worn for the practical purposes as well as a look to stand you out from the ‘norm’, almost used as a uniform and not totally for the ‘cool’ purposes we love to believe in today, I guess we have hip cats like Happy Days Fonzy and Grease’s teen gang The T-Birds to thank for that!!

Eeeeeeh!! It’s The Fonz


As this signature cult style, these fierce looking leathers were famously embodied by the handsomest of hollywood hunks….

‘My one, My only’… king of Rock & Roll Elvis Presley, ‘The wild one’, Mr Marlon Brando and ‘The rebel without a cause’... Mr dreamy James Dean.

The wild one - Marlon Brando

The wild one – Marlon Brando

The King!

The one, the only….Elvis

The rebel without a cause - Dreamy James Dean

The rebel without a cause – Dreamy James Dean

Original 1940’s/50’s jackets are fetching a hefty price and are highly sought after by collectors,  so opportunities to own one are rare, but if you are considering an authentic item then you will get a lot of leather for your money.

Crafted from quality leathers and horsehide, in black and brown, these really are a gents garment of beauty!

Battle of Britain flying Jacket

Battle of Britain flying Jacket



Many vintage reproduction styles are available online, with specialist companys that pride themselves in getting the detailing…. just dandy!

check out –

These guys make some of the finest examples of reproduction leather created to date!