“lets do vintage” I heard someone say?!?!

This sunday’s funday took Folly to the quaint little town of Sandwich in Kent where i had a little browse around the ‘lets do vintage’ fair, there were stalls aplenty packed with goodies for all.

One stall in particular took my fancy though, Run by a fabulously petite french lady named Nadia Barthelme of CaverneDuChatNoir She most certainly caught my eye and ear….

She was adorned with a what can only be described as a british racing green, viva las vegas, poker chip necklace and bracelet set, visually stunning and the sound was so VLV casino!!

The table was stacked, so many handmade treasures to be had, all looking lovingly created by herself in a 1940’s-50’s bakelite inspired style.

Folly’s funday favourites had to be a delectable pair of bright red cherry & opaque green leaf earrings and the ace poker necklace, a delicate red and black statement piece of clubs, hearts, diamonds and spades all handcrafted in fimo clay, I will most certainly be rockin’ these!!


I’d say she’s well worth discovering at her shop –

Just in time for mumma’s day!

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