While on a bright, yet blustery afternoon stroll across the picturesque West cliff…..

 An old boating pool was the perfect location to capture Folly’s petticoat & blues.

why must i be a teenager in love....Folly Fatale follyfatale.com

This absolutely dreamy, two-piece woolen suit is made by Tara starlet –   http://www.tarastarlet.com

Pictured here in the most perfect pastel hues of blue

 it’s practically bubbling with flirty, fifties, feminine fun!!

Folly Fatale follyfatale.com

 A little birdie told me….

That you doll’s would love this cosy cardi that’s neatly tucked in at the waist, patterned all over with pretty pastel polka dots, and a flock of rockin’ swallows, adding that little edge to the softness of the suit. Made by TU – Available now in store @ Sainsburys.

Step in time….

And put an even sassier spring in your step with these white glitter pumps, they bring a bit hollywood glamour to your feet, and make you feel every step the starlet! 



Wicker Wonderland…

The wonderful wicker handbag is a beautiful example of a fab vintage find, taking the outfit ‘back’ to date!!

Folly Fatale follyfatale.com

Read all about it and other styles to be had, here on a recent post – https://follyfatale.com/ladies-fashion/bags-of-style/wicker-wonderland/

Photography- David Kerrhttps://davidkerrphotographer.wordpress.com

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