Wicker Wonderland

Woven and wonderful, the raffia, rattan, rushes, willow, and cane.

This is the bag the 1950s brought to fame!

In the early 50’s, the casual handbag came on to the scene, women pursued bags that were both stylish, in fashion and capable of holding all their cosmetics and other miscellany.

The Summer months welcomed a surge of large straw totes, which were handy to transport all the days accessories while capturing the spirit of the sunshiny days!

Suddenly, many a handful of compact woven baskets erupted on to the style scene, bags made of rushes were all the rage, like those made by the likes of Los Doradas.

These often resembled small handheld picnic baskets with ribbons and decorative ornaments on top, like lucite, plastic or fabric fruits, or flowers and small trinkets.

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This was a more down-market trend, started by Dorset Rex of New York, these bags made of  natural materials were adored by the “dance hall crowd.” Such bright, colorful straw bags full of life, jazzed up with personal style.

Although popular, these little bags of wicker wonder still hadn’t made it into the likes of vogue!

But, that was all about to change……

In the mid-1950s, sophisticated straw handbags appeared in southern France. These Straw handbags made of woven raffia, rattan, rushes, willow, cane, and dried grasses were breaking on to the fashion scene, and every style conscious lady wanted to get their fashion ready fingers on them!

The Last Straw Audrey Hepburn wearing a mink pullover and carrying an embellished straw bag

Audrey Hepburn was one of many stars seen embracing the sassy straw style.

Eaton Bag Company produced sophisticated raffia baskets, as well as cases made of black lacquered straw, fastened with a shiny golden lock and key which stole the limelight.

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Elizabeth Arden took the ‘in demand’ basket further, creating a high-fashion take on a shrimp basket, complete with a compass in 1956.

During 1958, large hand-woven basket bags were the staple of the high-fashion magazines and anyone that took fashion and style by the hand!

These being an absolute favourite of mine, i have launched into a quest to collect as many as i can lay my vintage hunting hands on.

My newest cane companion is this little number, complete with its original and adorable white and blue flowers, Its a real beauty and perfectly preserved.

I am mighty proud to have it on my arm!

Folly Fatale follyfatale.com    Folly Fatale follyfatale.com

Folly Fatale follyfatale.com

Original, reproduction or just the good old high street, i want them all!! as i am sure do you!

 This is a collection of many variations, but heres a few that are my top treasures, and of course included are all the links so you can go get yourself one of these cuties!


Mouthwatering Watermelon! Its dazzling dolled up appearance is super pleasing to the eye!! Perfect for summer events such as the hotrod hayride, or the sunny scenes of viva las vegas!! What great price too at £24.24, I’m not waiting…..I’ve ordered mine here at –


Bamboo Bonanza! A mega must to finish off any tiki styled outfit! Available in 4 colours too!! Use tucked loosely under your arm as classy clutch, or its detachable chain glam chain handle enables a longer style to drape over your shoulder.

bamboo clutch green

My favourite has to be the green!

A steal at £19.50, leaving you plenty of change for those cocktails!!

get yours here at- http://www.collectif.co.uk/bamboo-bamboo-clutch-p-sku09111203-c-caramel.html

Retro Rattan! Handwoven, fabric lined, faux leather, rosy toned, golden metal details to finish!! need i say more?!?!


This classic ‘baguette’ style is ready to wear day or night.

Maybe a hint in the right direction could get you ladies one of these on your arm in no time!


Figural & fruity Fancies! This is my dream style….. and they are still available NOW!!!

Kate Spade has created many a collection of the most fantastic woven purses, in the classic figural style, there are frogs, snails and other collections of fruits and cars, all waiting to be taken into your arms …..

Although before you get too excited, these beauties are a definite splurge, rather than a little spend!!! 

But i love them, and just had to share them with you.

 The detailing is immaculate and incredibly dainty, the overall feel is that of absolute vintage chic held in the palm of your hand….


Spring forward wicker snail



Spring forward wicker frog

Spring forward wicker frog



Vita Riva Lemon straw shoulder bag


Pack a picnic apple wristlet


Vita riva New York wicker car bag


So get yourselves shopping girlies, Summer is just around the corner and you need a piece of arm candy, just like one of these!!

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