The Kelly bag

 On the set of the famous 1954 movie ‘to catch a thief’  the great Alfred Hitchcock suggested to the costume designer that a trip to Hermes in paris would be a suitable idea for the buying of all the accessories needed for Grace’s character.

That costume designer was the fabulous Edith Head, Edith recalled that she and Grace ‘were like two girls in an ice cream shop’ and that they fell in love with all that they saw….

The beautiful Grace kelly on set with the talented Edith Head.

The beautiful Grace kelly on set with the talented Edith Head.

But It was to be the boxy handbag that became Grace’s favourite, a descendant of the 1930s saddle bag and originally called the haut a courroies.


Two years on, after much press and forever on the slender arm of Miss grace Kelly, the bag was to be re-named ‘The Kelly’ after the then Princess Grace used a brown pigskin version to hide her pregnancy from the paparazzi!

A great coverup!

A great coverup!

Clutching her Kelly

Clutching her Kelly

Featuring in Life magazine ‘the Kelly’ bag craze was born! and still to this day is a very iconic ‘must have’ bag amongst many of the stars and wealthy worldwide.

The bad news is, if you fancy one yourself you may well be in for a long wait!

With only one craftsperson employed by the company to hand stitch the individual pieces of the bag and its lining together, just one carefully crafted ‘kelly’  can take from up to 18-24 hours to produce!!!

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