THE Bettie bangs!


Having my Bettie Bangs cut in super short!

THE Bettie bangs, named after the one and only, the sexy screen siren, Miss Bettie page.

This is a rockabilly gal’s ultimate hairstyle steal.

This signature look is key in perfecting the perfect pin-up style, usually coloured jet black, ruby red or bombshell blonde, once you dare to wear this style you will never go back.

Many extra rolls and styles can be created around these bangs and accessories added to compliment them, or if just left down or pulled back your hair will still look the iconic part.


You only have to look around at events and shows to see how many modern day pin-up kittens are reproducing and rockin’ these bangs.

 If preferred you could just roll them in using a foam roll and secure with grips, this will give you the look without having the full time daily styling commitment, but if you don’t mind the extra 10 minutes in the morning then they’re so worth it!

( I will be adding a tutorial of its own very soon for the roll up method! so check back for that)

Now….you may have decided you want the Bettie style, but finding someone that can cut them is a whole different story, i have been to countless hairdressers who attempt the bangs but they never quite ‘cut it’ (excuse the pun)

Bettie Bangs are u-shaped, and not cut straight accross as they so often appear to be, they are then a curled under to achieve that iconic miss page look.

I have even taken to the scissors myself, although I do not advise this!

After many times of the too long, mis-shaped UN-Bettie bang attempts, i finally found my girl, and she cuts them just right!

Being a rockabilly gal herself she is well experienced in various vintage cuts and with a large clientele demanding these iconic hairstyles, she is most certainly the type of stylist you will need to seek out for yourself!

Here’s a few snaps of my bangs being cut in.

Photography- David Kerr


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