Pin me up, n’ Bowl me over…

Golden Balls…

From the fabulous 40s through to the swinging 60’s, bowling had its time known as

‘the golden age’  

By the mid 40s people had gone totally bowl-a-rama on the sport!

Getting that strike, a fifties delight…

Ten pin bowling hit a strike in terms of popularity during the 1950’s,

 During 1953 the golden jubilee tournament of the American Bowling Congress became a magnet to 8,180 teams, thats a massive 41,000 people taking part!!

With television coverage helping families to connect with the sport from the comfort of their own homes,  it wasn’t to be long before it became a national sporting sensation and everyone wanted to get up, go out and get playing!

Past time, Play time…

As well as a nationally treasured sport, bowling had now entered the realms of the hobbyist, making it the trendy thing to do.

   A firm family fun-time favourite and the perfect setting for a date-night, de-light!

young couples often mixing luck, in the lanes…

 with a little bit…

of love!

 Adults, cool cats, kids and sweethearts alike, all loved to get down to their local alley.

Ordering strawberry shakes, cheese burgers and a basket of fries, poised with the glimmer of a strike in their eyes!

king of the pins…

Dressing the part certainly got you off to a good start, the bowling shirt soon became a fashion accessory as well as a team players necessary.

Made in both gabardine and cotton, these score style shirts came in a huge array of vibrant colours.

Craftily customised with the teams title and a showy symbol, the backs were emblazoned with a vast variety of vivd visions.

The front strikingly stated the players name which was sewn into the breast pocket patch.

For all you fellow righteous rockabilly fans, a bowling shirt is a complimentary addition to your essential collection!

If true vintage is what you seek, then the luxe label you will be rail rummaging for is the king of the swing shirts.

king louis …

These sought after slogan shirts were incredibley cool in their day, owned by the Lerner Brothers Manufacturing Company of Kansas city, Missouri.

With its slogan of “Shoot 300 for 300 Dollars.” the company had many bowlers buying under the interest of the company promising to pay $300 to any bowler who bowled the perfect game whilst wearing a slogan’d sewn shirt.

First established as a maker of caps in 1937, the Lerner Brothers by 1948 had given Americans the gabardine shirt under the new king louis label.

The labels to look out for…

The introduction of the holiday sportswear division was bowled out country wide when owner Victor Lerner joined a league, and his team chums were in need of some sharp shirts.

Check out this King Louis for sale right now!!

Angel-town is also another desirable shirt to don at the ally.

Many modern rockabilly companies make great reproduction shirts, personally I’m loving Daddy-o’s selection, shop here for the boldest bowling style on the scene!

So… now there’s no excuses! Get one and get bowling over the girls as well as those pins! 

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