The Saddle shoe


One of my absolute favourites in the flats range has to be the saddle shoe.

With its plain toe, and a distinctive saddle shaped panel across the mid foot, These iconic shoes are constructed from quality leather uppers, and have a rather heavy sole.

The saddle is often seen in a white and black variation, although it also comes in a red saddle, or a brown, and even a blue too.

Reproduction stores and sites have a vast selection of colours, and the fit is little more comfortable than the originals.

I have been told that they were notoriously stiff and heavy (not in a good way!)

Although in my vintage madness i have a great nostalgic feeling about the solid craftsmanship! ….we’ll see if it lasts!

Many hours and evenings would be spent polishing these up to keep them like new, until the trend changed and saw a ‘grubbier’ the better look appear on the scene, although this was a short lived and mainly amongst the teen rebels!

This style was a popular choice, especially for the younger crowds, and college kids for being hardwearing and adaptable to most outfits. 

Worn with puffy poodle skirts and lace trimmed bobby socks, or some high waisted selvedge with turn ups in tow!

They always looked great, and still do!

I’m rockin’ a pair right now!

Both women and men loved the style, although many Housewives would only wear the saddle shoe for daytime comfort in, and around the house.


Come 5’oclock they’d have a quick change into those baby doll pumps before their husbands came home! It was a housewives guilty pleasure! Is it yours?!?!


I have been extremely lucky to acquire an original pair of 1955, totally unworn saddle shoes.

They are an Ecru/chestnut brown colour.

I purchased these from a lady who was a cheerleader back in the day, in the good ol’ USA.


The soles were manufactured by Biltrite, and they are of exceptional quality!

Really heavy and solid in their construction.


Lets see if my nostalgic feelings are still as strong in a few weeks, once i’ve worn these out and about!!


 As they are a ‘little’ stiff,  i will be coming back to you guys with the softening and stretching methods that i’ll be testing, just incase you ever have a similar problem.

Lets face it… we have all been guilty of purchasing that vintage something, even if we know its going to be that little bit tight around the edges!!!

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