The kitten


The 1950’s introduced this classically, elegant shoe, with its slightly pointed toe, and feline name, the kitten came in a vast range of materials, colours and patterns.

In the 1950’s to be called a “kitten” in its slang term, would have meant you were to be seen as a young and in-experienced girl.

When designed, the kitten heel height was conceived to be more of a training heel, seeing as its height was only that of up to 5cms.

This would have been a much easier, and more importantly, an appropriate style for the younger girls to wear.

The higher heels that were at their peak of ladies fashion, were worn by the likes of Monroe and Hayworth, these higher heels were the cause of an extremely sexy wiggle, whereas the kitten heel gave a better ease of mobility, and a more subtle ‘wobble’ when walking, this was deemed much more suitable for the teens of the time.

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