The (high) pumps



This section showcases my absolute favourites of the 1950s pumps.

By the mid 1950’s women’s pumps had a real variety of heights, these being for different occasions and times of  the day.  Evening footwear had colours that were bolder and the uppers were often made of satin. These shoes were highly arched and daringly cut  to reveal more of that bare foot!


The stiletto Heel

With its heels so thin they almost looked pointed, this style of heel was added to court shoes and peep toes and pumps aplenty, it also famously pushed holes into floors, lobbies and wooden boards for many years to come!!

The court shoe

With an almond toe, the cut was very low at the sides and on top of the foot, as time went by the toe became a little more pointed. It was Dior that later cut the point off of these shoes to introduce the new wedge shape.

The opera pump

 Givenchy introduced a new shaped court shoe in 1955, it was rather plain in decoration and had a medium to high heel with a wider toe.. It was cut straight across the instep, and named the opera pump.

The Mary-Jane

For schoolgirls, and teens alike, the Mary-Jane was a very popular style. This shoe had a low heel, with an ankle strap.

The baby doll pump


My absolute favourite, the baby doll was given its name for its style similar to that of a dolls shoe.

Perfectly rounded at the toe, this style came in all things sassy! Worn for both day wear and evening, and available in a wide range of colours.

These super cuties were sometimes accessorised with little ornaments, motifs and trims.

What more could a girl want!!

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