I LOVE Vintage….Yeah i do!


Well, all my vintage loving friends, Folly certainly had a GOOD FRIDAY!

This easter weekend couldn’t have started any brighter, well it could have been a shade or two lighter in the sky, but that didn’t rain on our parade!

The grand entrance….  

The grandeur of the Powell cotton museum at Quex park, was indeed the perfect picturesque setting to scatter stalls of vast varieties, piled high, and wide, with past time paraphernalia in its plenty, all offer to the vintage Vendee! no matter their era of interest, there was something for everyone!

Picturesque Powell cotton…

WOWZA! what a place, The 15th-century Quex Estate is simply stunning! set in 15 acres of  beautiful Victorian grounds.

 A now historical housing for Percy Horace Gordon Powell-Cotton to arrange his natural history specimens and curious cultural objects collected on expeditions to Asia and Africa.

Amazing Asian weaponry, ceramics, jade and ivory from Europe, China and Japan, all assembled by six generations of the Powell-Cotton family.

You are truly missing out if you do not visit this venue, all ages will be astounded by the wildest range of taxidermy I’m sure you will ever see!!!


The wildest backdrop for some fierce vintage finds…..

 Stalls of Shining silverware, lashings of laid out lace work and the smell of spritz from the hair stylists rolling up some vicious victory rolls, filled the air of the bustling rooms & corridors of the museum.

A steady flow of  boppin’ shoppers had lots to choose from, inside and out.

The marquee welcomed patrons with rails racked with rarities and repro styles for all shapes and sizes.

Gingham, plaid & bakie buttons!!

And its all mine!!!!

In my rummaging  i revealed a fantastic, romantic 40’s jacket, its divine!! With its wide collar and turned up sleeves, a nipped little wait and enough flare to sit pretty on a circle skirt, i am dying to wear this little wonder! (heres a little sneak peek, but you’ll have to wait till my next photoshoot to see it on!)

Folly Fatale follyfatale.com

Bakie Buttons!!

Folly Fatale follyfatale.com

Wing Cuffs.

Folly Fatale follyfatale.com

BIG Collar.

purchased from one of my previously raved about rockin’ sellers, Nadia Barthelme. 

https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/CaverneDuChatNoir she’s popular for her poker chip necklaces

Folly Fatale follyfatale.com

Poker chip Parade!

and much, much more.  Check her out!!

Remember the old saying…..

You never know whats round the corner!


while scouting for my favourite 40’s and 50’s finery, i found a true diamond!

Miss Mandy miller presents…


With her ruby-red hair and the rustling of her petticoat under her swirling circle skirt, i met miss miller.

Folly Fatale follyfatale.com

Miss Mandy Miller

what a wonderful lady!! Living every bit the vintage dream, she had great advise and styling tips to share, I could have chatted for hours! (and nearly did)

Folly Fatale follyfatale.com

FollyFatale & Miss Mandy Miller

I strongly urge any of you pin-up kittens to call her up for your various vintage needs, as she has so much to offer, or if its you guys that want to treat your vintage sweetheart to that extra special something?!?!…. Or maybe even something for yourself…..

Folly Fatale follyfatale.com

Pin-up players pack.

Give her a call, she will be happy to help!

Soon to be holding private appointments in her treasure trove home-store, I will be the first knocking at miss Mandy Millers door, that’s for sure!

With her tables glimmering with glitz and her rails racked with riches, instantly I knew Folly had found her feature of the day!….

Arranged perfectly like a beautiful bouquet of flowers, her stall was more than enough to keep me gazing for quite sometime, the feeling of being a kid in a candy store was upon me!!

The opportunity to own some of this huge collection of nostalgic necklaces, earrings, brooches and bags, and not forgetting the retro rails of the most precious glad rags, seemed excitingly endless!!!

Folly Fatale follyfatale.com

I L.O.V.E.D this set, featuring a Necklace, brooch and earrings! Simply stunning.

I have lovingly re-homed the most plastic fantastic, mellow yellow necklace, and….a non Kirsch but very kitsch cherry necklace, and…. some fancy french fuchsia earrings….uh! I’m in love!!!

Folly Fatale follyfatale.com

Less kirsch more kitsch!

Folly Fatale follyfatale.com

Mellow Yellow

Folly Fatale follyfatale.com

French Fancies

Mums the word….

As well as Miss Mandy Miller I had the pleasure of meeting Dolly Miller, who has a fab little shop in Margate full of vintage valuables ready for you to rummage through too.

You can call the marvellous ….

Miss Mandy Miller on – 07843 171 614

for all your Vintage clothing & accessory needs


Dolly Miller at – https://www.facebook.com/DollyMillers

Check them out, you won’t regret it!!!

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