Well it’s happening!!! Once again the sandy seaside town of Margate in Kent will hear the larks, and excitable screams of all ages echoing across its seafront!


The gates of Britain’s oldest amusement park are set to re-open on the 19th of June, 10 long years after it closed down.

Margate has been home to many stories over the years, one in particular is that of the events there in the early 60’s, The town of Margate became one of many seaside towns home to the famous clashing riots of the notorious Mods and Rocker subcultures.

Mods And Rockers

Daily Mirror front page - Wild Ones 'Beat Up' Margate

Rockers arrived on their Norton and Triumph motorcycles, rockin’ their leather jackets, running their fingers through their greased pompadours and their tapping of brothel creepers to the likes of Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent and Bo diddley and anything that was oh so Rock and Roll!

Although these days of ‘clashings’ between them have long gone, and now it’s just the friendly gatherings of the Mods and Rockers that Margate welcomes during its summer months creating a fantastic event. – PHEW for that! 

The Rockers have had to roll over and make way for the new talk of the town, because Dreamland means business, and its ready to re-boot and restore family fun!



The long-awaited tickets went on sale at 10am today, (£14.95 for adults, £12.95 for children).

The box office opened this morning, two hours before tickets went on sale online, giving locals the chance to buy theirs first.

The first lucky 500 to purchase will also of received a special Dreamland souvenir, A small slice of the wood taken from the original railway planks.

The original Grade II-listed scenic railway, has been lovingly restored once more. The carefully crafted railway will be the parks central showstopper, as it was in its heyday!


Great efforts in the nostalgic design have been made, The retro restoration has been carefully planned and delivered by the named, king of kitsch, Mr Wayne Hemingway.


I  for one am incredibly excited for the awakening this traditional seaside sanctuary, Dreamland and the seafront of Margate truly holds some of the fondest memories from my childhood.

Every sunday my brother and i would beg our parents to take us to the seaside site, so many attractions within and outside of dreamland itself, we would leave with bags full to the brim with cuddly toys our father had won for us!

This and many others are memories that i will always hold dear, and its great to know that the regeneration of the park will give many others the chance to have that same feeling.

Personally i will be the first in line for Messhams wall of death motorbike show, (that will be a whole new post to come!!)


There are plenty more rides that bring the nostalgic ambiance to the park, a vintage pedal car roadway, a Punch and Judy show, a replica helta skelter, even a ferris wheel, and if that isn’t  putting enough vintage on your plate, then you can take a twirling ride in a Wedgwood teacup!

GO! …..Have some Vintage style family fun in the sun, the way we used to do!

GET YOUR TICKETS HERE!!!! – http://www.dreamland.co.uk

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