The becoming of Barbie Millicent Roberts

Brainstorming Barbie

Ready to live out every little girls aspirations for adulthood, Barbie sauntered on to the hollywood scene in February of 1959.

Blonde, Buxom, Beautiful

Blonde, Buxom, Beautiful

Formed into a fashionable figurine by Ruth and Eliot Handler, the idea was conjured up for the playtime spills and thrills of their very own little girl ‘ Barbie’.

The idea of a doll, perfectly travel sized and petite palm friendly, ravishingly ready to aid all little women worldwide to play out their every grown up fantasy…..

This was a vision that seemed too good for the parents to not toy with further…..The foundation blocks of the Mattel corporation were built in the Handler’s very own home garage and what had started as a small building of ideas dreamt up with dainty dolls and dream houses, was to whirlwind the Handler’s into some big time  ‘Barbie’ business!!!

Boxed up and ready bare all…

Barbie burst on to the scene as a Bright blonde, Bold, Buxom, Bombshell!!

With a fair and Freckle free complexion, Made up like a model for Maybelline, a wasp like waist, this wonder girl had legs as long as Texas….

Barbie was pert, perky and ready to play!

Taylor made, the dream girls debut ensemble consisted of a black and white chevron striped swimsuit, open toed stiletto pumps, a super cute flower adorned raffia handbag, and some slick cats eye sunnies.


Barbie Millicent Roberts -1959

Barbie Millicent Roberts -1959

Just look at those Jayne Mansfield golden hooped earrings!

Just look at those Jayne Mansfield golden hooped earrings!

Barbie brings home the big bucks…

Selling 351,000 dolls, each sold at 3 dollars

Barbie was making big news in households everywhere!!!

A little girl gaily singing along with a 7" record called 'Barbie Sings' Barbie and Ken stand by, on a portable phonograph player.

A little girl gaily singing along with a 7″ record called ‘Barbie Sings’ Barbie and Ken stand by, on a portable phonograph player.


Affluent America had suburban dreams in its sights.

Dreams of designer homes, sports cars, pastel kitchens and pet ponies….practically perfect!

Lavish luxury goods were ripe and ready for the consumers picking, and the new fun-time’s of the 1950’s lifestyle revolved around them, Barbie was the ‘it’ girl who had them all!

and if she didn’t…. you could buy her more!

A Pint sized picture of the 1950’s glamour girl…

She was the western societies 11 1/2  inch version of the American dream girl, playing out her dream life in her dream play-sets.

Compete with her crucial change of clothes, which were the essential feathers and fluff nightgown, a weekend barbie-Q by the pool outfit and that essential wedding gown….

for when her knight with shining pecs ken comes along!

 Beautiful, glamorous, wealthy and popular, she was stunningly slender and ever so slightly sun-kissed!

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