Pop culture by the hourglass….

During the year of 1886, in the backyard of Dr John Pemberton, Coca Cola was born,

and is still fizzing away in bottles and glasses worldwide today!

Caramel in colour, a fragrant, sticky syrup combined with carbonated water, was sold for just 5 cents at a soda fountain in Jacobs pharmacy, Atlanta, Georgia.

As always, it is during the era of the 1950’s that the advertising for this caramelised, effervescent, nectar really quenched my thirst!

Advertisements for the shapely bottle of bubbling refreshment, depicted the all american family dream.

Carefree, fun in the sun, courting couples, convertible cars, and drive in date nights!… deliciously desireable.

A Gil Elvgren classic

A Gil Elvgren classic

At the drive in!

At the drive in!

All American Family fun

All American Family fun


With post war America being affluent and mobile, Coca Cola was rapidly refreshing people all around the globe.

                                                                                 The 1950’s campaign stepped up to show everyone having a slice of the good life, whether mingling at barbeques or having a relaxing day at the beach, people were bubbling over with fun an excitment, and Coca Cola was always at the party!

All that this wholesome and sophisticated set of friends needs is the taste of ice cold coke! AD- 1957

The perfect partner to a picnic in the park

A precious cargo of chilled bottles! AD-1955

A Bevy of swimsuit clad, brunette beauties, bombarded billboards!!….

Many adverts featured ‘the girl next-door’ look, with scenes of slender, attractive, sporty, and energetic women in swimsuits, cavorting on the beach.

Men rarely featured in the scenes, and if they did it was in the background handing out a bottle or two.

It is these that are the styles of memorabillia most sought after by collectors today.


The famous ‘yes girl’ poster by the artist Haddon H. Sundblom shows just that scene.

A toned, sun kissed young lady, looking happily at a bottle of cola being handed her way.

yes girl

It was Haddon H. Sundblom that was also to create Santa Claus into the ruddy faced, round bellied character we all know and love today.

Most people if they were to think of the coca cola ads, remember ones involving jolly old santa claus.

But HO NO NO…. not me


for me, it is she….incomparable

The lady in red!

The lady in red.

 The 1950’s advertisment, that is as sultry as a hollywood siren gets! (well …a painted one anyway)

Luxuriant dark hair, subtle snow toned skin, rose tinted cheeks and lips as red as rosebuds, pursed with pure superior desirability.

What an impact from such a simple alluring gesture!

The lady in red was the ad for Coca Cola in Brazil, the word ‘incomparavel’ meaning incomparable in Portuguese featured as its one word slogan.

and wasn’t it just!

The lady in reds incomparable style, and looks, amongst many other starlets and sirens, have helped to create Folly Fatale today!

Folly Fatale

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