Picturesquely pleasured, Burlesque is an art to be treasured!

Roused in revelry, Folly is readying herself to become raptured in the revelation that is the art of Burlesque.


A real treat for the peepers is in store, with the tantalising, compromising, tongue teasing and eye pleasing performers, full of fun, frills, and frolicking frivolity!

All this and more is set to feature at the London Burlesque Festival!


Come May 15th Folly will follow up with all the fanciful fabulouness that the opening night offered upon its provocative platter!

The opulence of the opening Gala…

The Hostess with the ‘oh yes’ is  Australia’s Kiki DeVille


Kiki Deville

The lusciously lengthy line up for the opulent opener is as follows…

Ivizia Dakini

Ivizia Dakini


The man behind this provocative master plan is Mr Chaz Royal.

A canadian cabaret producer who has firmly established the festival as the most prestigious event in the Burlesque calendar.

A roaring success so far, so much so that it’s now welcoming the 9th annual show with its seductive arms wide open!


Dripping with decadence, the curtain will rise for the first time this year at the opening Gala, set at Dingwalls London on the 15th of May.

The show runs from the 15th – 31st May and can be seen at various venues such as The Conway hall, The Fiddlers Elbow and Bush hall, each entitled with a curiously kinky & quirky yet quaint  name… The Sexy Circus slideshow, Boylesk Revue, Varie-Tease and The Twisted Cabaret…are just to name a few!

Who wouldn’t want to go and see what all the sass is about?!

You can excitedly expect to see the extroverts extravaganza, fully fuelled and flourishing a flamboyance of feathery bottomed and sparkly eyed showgirls & boys…


   Each stunningly sensual whilst sashaying upon stage… showcasing their stripteasing, smouldering, trapeazing torsos for 17 supreme evenings…. now that sounds like a treat as sweet as honey!


Folly chats with Chaz….

Chaz Royal

Chaz Royal

Folly- I have read that you are renowned for showcasing the ‘best of British and beyond’ when it comes to Burlesque…It’s obviously a great love of yours… what has been your driving force behind this?
Chaz- I have been producing shows for 22 years, Burlesque for 13 and got my start putting a Burlesque show on tour in 2002.
I’ve produced over 1000 shows all over the world.
I want to show growth not only in burlesque, but the events I produce.
People have pre conceived ideas of Burlesque and I aim to expose people to a wider spectrum of what they think it is.
Folly- Can you describe to the Folly Fatale Followers how they will leave your festival feeling?
Chaz- Hopefully satisfied but still wanting to see more.
We do have amazing fans and followers who come back annually from all over the world.
We will host over 6000 attendees.
Folly- If you could describe the art of burlesque as a cocktail, what would it be?
Chaz- Sweet, Sexy, Sophisticated… Stirred & Shaken with a cherry on top!
Folly- Sounds just Fabulous! I can’t wait to see for myself!


With 10 days to go till the big night!
Its almost time for Folly to get a vintage wiggle on, dress my tress and perfect that devil red pout, as i am in no-doubt, about to have a night of beautifully bodied ‘best of british and beyond’ Burlesque.
With tickets still available… but running out fast,  be sure to book some ‘buxom’ here

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