Petrushkas pantomime of petite pandemonium…

Roll up, Roll up, step inside Petrushkas sets of permutation, where the puppeteer and the ingenious, inventing ringleader alters reality and transports you to your childhood imagination, dreams and desires….


A realm of delectable yet devilish disorients, provoking senses with overwhelming wonders and  and wizardry.

Each magical world, a small set… created with chaotic curiosity….Petrushkas peculiar puppets and ‘once upon a time’ candy sweet styled dolls, dominate the tales of his mini theatre.

Awakening inanimate objects and breathing life in their bodies, i imagine Petrushka to sprinkle his dolls with a thimble full of salts, like the spirits of hartshorn, awakening them to play!

As a child i loved to transform my world of play, my dolls would delve deeply into worlds of the sweetest dreams or become apart of a beautiful nightmare, with no limits to what other toys i could incorporate into my make believe world….

Petrushka re-ignighted these memories for me with his imagery, the Barbie style doll that was once a paragon in her pageant, has entered a dishevelling rendezvous between decadence and decay, a duo that Petrushka partners perfectly.

Petrushka, pin-up style…

The latest pawn in petrushkas playset is that of yours truly…..Mz Fatale!

Orchestrated from afar, the pint sized pin-up has been perfectly placed amongst all her hoardings of necessary acquisitions.

Folly Fatale  Pin-Up Style

Folly Fatale
Pin-Up Style

Folly had the Great pleasure in asking Mr Petrushka what inspires his magical madness, and the concepts behind his toy land antics….

Self portrait

Martin Petrushka

“Every child creates imaginary worlds. I spent a lot of my childhood lost in these worlds, making elaborate environments for my playthings, who didn’t?!.. an armchair becomes a mountain to climb, under a table..a cave.

I’m sure my work is an extension of my child imagination. It is perhaps a belligerent wish to extend the time we are allocated as children, to play and get lost in the worlds we create.

As an artist and an adult, i seek to re-imagine the intended purpose of ‘toys’. To give them life and magic in and among abstract oddity, rather than simply as, the ‘good wife’ kitchen Barbie or the tank driving action ‘hero’.

I am uncomfortable with the rigid boundaries of gender stereotyping and so set about mixing up the purpose and context of these living vintage dolls to portray more subtle, unexplainable roles. Petrushka is a world with no particular boundaries.

It is about sharing an ante-dote to the predictable normality of full scale life.

I myself am a northerner, a father of 2 teenage children, partner of 24 years to Lady P.

I am an illustrator, designer, photographer, film maker and puppeteer.

If i were to leave a legacy, it would be the principle that, despite the seriousness nature of ‘stuff’, wisdom looks like a child with the knowing that, what really matters is….nothing”.


Chains are off…

Now as we all know..

“Curiosity often leads to trouble”……

while foraging for fancies,

Little Folly fell into a rabbit hOle!!!






With a bumped head and a rather bruised soul…

she landed


the utter madness

of the mad hatters tea party.


“my….. what a peculiar place to have a party”


A fallen Folly


‘O…Mr rabbit!!!’


Folly in wonderland

Petrushka proves that anything is possible through the power of imagination….And his imagination is a warped, yet wondrous wonderland.

 Like a still version of cirque du soleil’s Kuros, cabinet of curiosities……. but pumped up on some super steroids!!

Provoking a reminisent feeling of rapture inside of the minds eye, propelling memories of sheer childhood fantasy fuzed with reality, The works of Petrushka are truely a Marvel to be experienced, An artistic entwinement  of opulence, eccentricity, romance, and melencholy madness!

Alice's Folly

Alice’s Folly

A little more conversation….From the “O talented one”

Folly– petrushka, an intriguing name! Where did this originate?

Petrushka– It is from a stravinski ballet first performed in 1911. A story about the love of a puppet, petrushka.

Brought to life by the charlatan. Petrushka loves the ballerina but she rejects him in favour of her love, the Moor.

Petrushka challenges the Moor and is slain. Petrushkas ghost rises above the puppet theatre then collapses in a second death..

For me it is about bringing inanimate objects to life through imagery. Provoking and embracing the dark and light.

I love the puppet / human parallell. Lifes a game. A stage and if were unconscious of this we surrender our humanity and become simple marionettes to the puppet makers…

Alice-“But I don’t want to go among mad people”


Cat- “Oh, you can’t help that. We’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad”

Alice- “How do you know I’m mad?”


 Cat- “You must be. Or you wouldn’t have come here!”


Petrushka – ‘you are petrushka’ implies this at the same time as stating a collective idea that we are together.. We are all the same…


The works of petrushka leave one pondering…Have i gone mad???

i’m afraid so!!…But i’ll tell you a secret, all the best people are!


Martin Linford Petrushka- Conceptual vintage doll photography from the Petrushka Doll Garage.

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