Click, clack …. TING!

And so it begins…

The unmistakable tip tap & patter of my ten tonne tin type writer…

The recreational recorder of all of my jibbering chatter, permanently imprinted with its inky ribboned splatter!

You see my pen to paper silence has been almost three years in exile-ance, But it’s been all for the infusing of my vintage enthusing, for you.

Les Remember…

Hip hip hooray, Les Paul… 100 Today!

100 years ago today on the 9th of june 1915, Lester William Polsfuss was born, better known as The great Les Paul.

Americas multi talented musician and innovative luthier, the prime pioneer creator of the solid-body electric guitar.

As an avid radio listener, Les was in awe of the sounds of the guitar players over the waves, these were to be the waves that would wash over him, willing him to work hard on his paper route to get enough money together for his first guitar.

Relishing the replication of the riffs, Les became know as red hot red during his teenage years, together gripping his guitar and harmonica in hand, Les played at the packed out local drive-in.

Mounting the mouthpiece from his mothers telephone onto a broom stick and wiring it to her radio Les amplified his voice so even the pack of cats at the back, could hear him loud and clear.

Via the means of a hand written note, drive-in surfing to the front, Les was informed that while his voice and sounds of his harmonica were good, his voice needed to be louder!

So this got Les a thinkin’ and a tinkerin’….

Now wiring his guitar to his fathers radio and inserting an arm from his mothers phonograph, Les had plucked upon his first guitar, but it sounded far from what he had desired.

Profusely packing the guitar with a few of his sports socks, his dads old rags and his mums best tablecloth Les quickly realised that wasn’t going to work.

So he then furiously filled the carcass with a clay like substance, pouring in plaster of paris, until…..

That was to be the end of that guitar!

Moving on..

Les and his friends found a 2 foot piece of old rail and together with his marvellous made up microphone from his mothers telephone, along with a stretched string strapped onto the length of the rail, Les’s luck was finally in, as he had struck upon his sought after solid body guitar, less the feedback!

Les and his wife Mary Ford

Les and his wife Mary Ford

Effects Respect…

Tape delay, phasing effects, multi track and overdubbing were just some of Les’s genius gifts to the music world, but with the art of overdubbing being his revolutionary sound on sound effect, he helped to change the recording process like nothing had before.

With Les Paul’s extensive musical career, masterful creations and his future musical inspirations… I feel if I were to set about writing it all out, I fear I too would be here still writing whilst celebrating my 100th year!

So i leave you here at the entrance to the site that officially documents the musical delights of the musical marvel, the Man and the Master, Mr Les Paul…

Here’s one of my favourite songs too by the wonderful duo…

Tie me up & wear me out!….

Now, Now… Its not what you think!!!!

Although it does sound like a recipe to get you guys a little hot under the collar huh?!?

Well, with a line up of pin-up perky’s and some desirable dancing dolls that just love to drape themselves around your neck, of course I’m talking about…


Also know as the Swing tie, or Jump necktie.


Now that we’re clear on that, I can’t wait to tell you all about Folly’s findings on the tantalising ties of the late 1940’s-1950’s.

No more bore, now we’re Post-war!

With the wickedness of wartime and an age of austerity almost behind them, both the men and women that had lived through the undesirable utilitarian times were yearning for a post war POP of colour…

Wide, bright and a little bit naughty at first sight…

 For men in the United States, the desirability of an exuberant wider shaped, silken, hand painted or printed tie was to be extremely stimulating!

Causing quite the stir, they were the much celebrated and sought after male must-have accessory!

Many examples featuring the pert pin-ups and dainty dancing dolls of every mans deepest desires….

 As well as the naughty, there was also the novelty niche, each and every one available in a painters palette of punchy colours! 

The necktie became part of a self expressionist trend, so much so that the trend became tied up into a lucrative collectors realm, many enthusiasts collecting hundreds of the acquired taste accessory… buying and selling at specialist clubs.

Brightening up Britain…

With British fashion still a more conservative, classic and overall a more understated style than the US, many Brits were still opting for the narrower, knitted style necktie.

But it wasn’t to be long before some men dared to wear the styles inspired from all the way over in trend setting America.

Gee! Thanks Cecil….

  It was to be Cecil Gee who outrageously pushed the boundaries of the british, he was to be the first during 1946 to import the ‘American look’ into his London shop.

“After the blitz, here comes the Ritz”….

A promise Cecil put into action..

Soon tons of ties were available in his store, many featuring flockings of feathers, flamboyant florals and the wildest scenes from the wild, wild west!

Every Saturday saw a queue of men lined up ready and waiting, eager to purchase the quirky and sometimes perky neckties of the new brighter future.

Ties today…

Fetching a pretty penny today, Vintage neckties of flashy and fanciful designs can be found on sites such as Ebay and Etsy…

Heres a few of my favourites to give you a head start.

GO! Tie your cash up into some very necessary vintage!

Pin me up, n’ Bowl me over…

Golden Balls…

From the fabulous 40s through to the swinging 60’s, bowling had its time known as

‘the golden age’  

By the mid 40s people had gone totally bowl-a-rama on the sport!

Getting that strike, a fifties delight…

Ten pin bowling hit a strike in terms of popularity during the 1950’s,

 During 1953 the golden jubilee tournament of the American Bowling Congress became a magnet to 8,180 teams, thats a massive 41,000 people taking part!!

With television coverage helping families to connect with the sport from the comfort of their own homes,  it wasn’t to be long before it became a national sporting sensation and everyone wanted to get up, go out and get playing!

Past time, Play time…

As well as a nationally treasured sport, bowling had now entered the realms of the hobbyist, making it the trendy thing to do.

   A firm family fun-time favourite and the perfect setting for a date-night, de-light!

young couples often mixing luck, in the lanes…

 with a little bit…

of love!

 Adults, cool cats, kids and sweethearts alike, all loved to get down to their local alley.

Ordering strawberry shakes, cheese burgers and a basket of fries, poised with the glimmer of a strike in their eyes!

king of the pins…

Dressing the part certainly got you off to a good start, the bowling shirt soon became a fashion accessory as well as a team players necessary.

Made in both gabardine and cotton, these score style shirts came in a huge array of vibrant colours.

Craftily customised with the teams title and a showy symbol, the backs were emblazoned with a vast variety of vivd visions.

The front strikingly stated the players name which was sewn into the breast pocket patch.

For all you fellow righteous rockabilly fans, a bowling shirt is a complimentary addition to your essential collection!

If true vintage is what you seek, then the luxe label you will be rail rummaging for is the king of the swing shirts.

king louis …

These sought after slogan shirts were incredibley cool in their day, owned by the Lerner Brothers Manufacturing Company of Kansas city, Missouri.

With its slogan of “Shoot 300 for 300 Dollars.” the company had many bowlers buying under the interest of the company promising to pay $300 to any bowler who bowled the perfect game whilst wearing a slogan’d sewn shirt.

First established as a maker of caps in 1937, the Lerner Brothers,  had given Americans the gabardine shirt under the new king louis label by 1948.

The labels to look out for…

The introduction of the holiday sportswear division was bowled out country wide when owner Victor Lerner joined a league, and his team chums were in need of some sharp shirts.

Check out this King Louis for sale right now!!

Angel-town is also another desirable shirt to don at the ally.

Many modern rockabilly companies make great reproduction shirts, personally I’m loving Daddy-o’s selection, shop here for the boldest bowling style on the scene!

So… now there’s no excuses! Get one and get bowling over the girls as well as those pins! 


Nostalgic Necessities….

 We are now well into the warm up for the long awaited opening of Dreamland in Margate…

With only 40 days to go!!!

 Folly felt the necessity to be near the niceties of some nineteen fifties nostalgia, with that in mind, things expeditiously evolved into the exclusive entry into the Dreamland expo centre..

So on a rainy seaside Sunday, Dreamland provided the perfect backdrop for some 50’s fun  without the sun, in this fantastic photo-shoot.

folly fatale

This gloriously vintage gingham sweetheart dress was a must have summer buy from the fabulous Mz Velvet Mourning.

folly fatale

Filled with fondness, family fun-fair rides and archived arcadia, Folly had that fuzzy  feeling of being a kid in a candy store once more!…. Especially as there were sticks of rock rolling all over the place!

folly fatale

Tried & Tested – Dreamland Rock is the best!!!

folly fatale 

A Cherry-Tastic 1940’s inspired necklace from the marvellous Miss Mandy Miller!

folly fatale folly fatale folly fatale folly fatale

Oh i do like to see the saucy seaside!!!

folly fatale

“you wish you could see what”?!?!


 Ooh Eer!

folly fatale

Come and see what all the fabulous vintage fuss is about at the re-imagined Dreamland in Margate.


Roused in revelry, Folly is readying herself to become raptured in the revelation that is the art of Burlesque.


A real treat for the peepers is in store, with the tantalising, compromising, tongue teasing and eye pleasing performers, full of fun, frills, and frolicking frivolity!

All this and more is set to feature at the London Burlesque Festival!


Come May 15th Folly will follow up with all the fanciful fabulouness that the opening night offered upon its provocative platter!

The opulence of the opening Gala…

The Hostess with the ‘oh yes’ is  Australia’s Kiki DeVille …


Kiki Deville

The lusciously lengthy line up for the opulent opener is as follows…

Ivizia Dakini

Ivizia Dakini


The man behind this provocative master plan is Mr Chaz Royal.

A canadian cabaret producer who has firmly established the festival as the most prestigious event in the Burlesque calendar.

A roaring success so far, so much so that it’s now welcoming the 9th annual show with its seductive arms wide open!


Dripping with decadence, the curtain will rise for the first time this year at the opening Gala, set at Dingwalls London on the 15th of May.

The show runs from the 15th – 31st May and can be seen at various venues such as The Conway hall, The Fiddlers Elbow and Bush hall, each entitled with a curiously kinky & quirky yet quaint  name… The Sexy Circus slideshow, Boylesk Revue, Varie-Tease and The Twisted Cabaret…are just to name a few!

Who wouldn’t want to go and see what all the sass is about?!

You can excitedly expect to see the extroverts extravaganza, fully fuelled and flourishing a flamboyance of feathery bottomed and sparkly eyed showgirls & boys…


   Each stunningly sensual whilst sashaying upon stage… showcasing their stripteasing, smouldering, trapeazing torsos for 17 supreme evenings…. now that sounds like a treat as sweet as honey!


Folly chats with Chaz….

Chaz Royal

Chaz Royal

Folly- I have read that you are renowned for showcasing the ‘best of British and beyond’ when it comes to Burlesque…It’s obviously a great love of yours… what has been your driving force behind this?
Chaz- I have been producing shows for 22 years, Burlesque for 13 and got my start putting a Burlesque show on tour in 2002.
I’ve produced over 1000 shows all over the world.
I want to show growth not only in burlesque, but the events I produce.
People have pre conceived ideas of Burlesque and I aim to expose people to a wider spectrum of what they think it is.
Folly- Can you describe to the Folly Fatale Followers how they will leave your festival feeling?
Chaz- Hopefully satisfied but still wanting to see more.
We do have amazing fans and followers who come back annually from all over the world.
We will host over 6000 attendees.
Folly- If you could describe the art of burlesque as a cocktail, what would it be?
Chaz- Sweet, Sexy, Sophisticated… Stirred & Shaken with a cherry on top!
Folly- Sounds just Fabulous! I can’t wait to see for myself!


With 10 days to go till the big night!
Its almost time for Folly to get a vintage wiggle on, dress my tress and perfect that devil red pout, as i am in no-doubt, about to have a night of beautifully bodied ‘best of british and beyond’ Burlesque.
With tickets still available… but running out fast,  be sure to book some ‘buxom’ here

Jukebox Jiving, Retro Finding…..

Brighton was the place to be this weekend, With a plethora of period styled peep’s, decked out and ready for a a fun filled couple of days…

If a day (or two) of jumping, jiving and rock and rolling is your thing ,then you need look no further!

The bands on the stand were…

Greggi G & His crazy Gang

who were jammin’ all weekend….

 DJ Rockin’ Rebel

Bringing the best of the 50’s & 60’s, along with a special Saturday performance from…

The Vee 8’s


a super sunday session from…

The Fever Rockabilly Trio

All four were bashing out the beats, making you move your dancin’ feet!


No rags, just riches….

Rails of clothes were racked out and ready to make you run away with the Rockabilly vibe, and a vast range of retro and vintage inspired clothing from the 40’s through to the 60’s was being sold, more importantly all stalls were fully featuring a service with a smile! 

FullSizeRender 5

shining as bright as stars, were the classic cars…

FullSizeRender 3

Look at that Airstream….

FullSizeRender 4

Joes Diner was a Fifties style feast….

But the jewel of the day had to be the the whirling, twirling, record swirling jukebox’s…. 

Visiting this fair is a must if you’ve had your eye on one to bop along to at home, With leading European dealers ready to share valuable knowledge, and superior styles such as  Bal-ami,  Rockola and Wurlitzer on show …. you are sure to find the match made for you!

FullSizeRender 2

With something for everyone and fun and friendship to be found…

In the trusty words of my Rockabilly buddy ‘Arry – it wouldn’t break ya heart to go!… that!

I will most certainly be there next year!

Check it all out @


The wonderful Whitstable seaside called upon Folly on a bright and sunny sunday afternoon, but not before taking a turn about the Tankerton towers & castle gardens, where the picturesque pagoda provided the perfect shade and light for a photograph or two…

Photography- David Kerr

A Gaberdine dream….

A 1940’s garberdine swing styled, nautically navy trouser, was to be the perfect pair to wear… putting the ‘spring time’ into my step on this fun-day photo-shoot.

Just look at those big double decker red buttons!!!

These fab gabs can be found at Heyday!

Star Light, Star bright, The first star I see tonight….

Elegantly ensembled with a 1930s style dainty starburst scattered print blouse, femininity is the focus feature for this blouse, It’s wickedly wide collar and it’s prominent, pretty puffed sleeve is a little naughty while screaming 1940!!

The Olivia blouse is another amazing vintage reproduction buy from the fabulous Heyday!

The buttons have the sweetest little star shapes embedded into them, just beautiful…

Capping off the sensational starburst scene is a Cosmo contrasting rouge red collar, and the cutest turn back cuffs I’ve ever seen!

Say hello to Mellow yellow…

Totally plastic fantastic and atomically angled, my mellow yellow 50’s necklace is shining bright in this light, by Miss Mandy Miller.

Those fabulous little precious pastel and (almost matching earrings) are not matching at all!! they actually come straight from the hustle and bustle of the good ‘ol high street!

There’s plenty of pastel pretties to be had at Matalan right now!

Snap happy…

 Follys favourite 1951 vintage camera, is the Kershaw Eight-20 Penguin.

Perfectly preserved and working wonders, this little box full of bellows and bakelite came into my clutches when i recently purchased my 1940’s home.

Left behind, laying lonely and unloved, stuffed in a box in the back of the loft for what looks an eternity!!

The virtually untouched device is an absolute vintage hoarders dream!

 The perfect photographic package to take a few seaside snaps!

Photography- David Kerr


will leave you

Simmering with sophistication until the sun goes down!

Seasalter….What a sunset!


Roll up, Roll up, step inside Petrushkas sets of permutation, where the puppeteer and the ingenious, inventing ringleader alters reality and transports you to your childhood imagination, dreams and desires….


A realm of delectable yet devilish disorients, provoking your senses with overwhelming wonders and wizardry.

Each magical world, a small set… created with chaotic curiosity….Petrushkas peculiar puppets and ‘once upon a time’ candy sweet styled dolls, dominate the tales of his mini theatre.

Awakening inanimate objects and breathing life in their bodies, i imagine Petrushka to sprinkle his dolls with a thimble full of salts, like the spirits of hartshorn, awakening them to play!

As a child i loved to transform my world of play, my dolls would delve deeply into worlds of the sweetest dreams or become apart of a beautiful nightmare, with no limits to what other toys i could incorporate into my make believe world….

Petrushka re-ignighted these memories for me with his imagery, the Barbie style doll that was once a paragon in her pageant, has entered a dishevelling rendezvous between decadence and decay, a duo that Petrushka partners perfectly.

Petrushka, pin-up style…

The latest pawn in petrushkas playset is that of yours truly…..Mz Fatale!

Orchestrated from afar, the pint sized pin-up has been perfectly placed amongst all her hoardings of necessary acquisitions.

Folly Fatale  Pin-Up Style

Folly Fatale
Pin-Up Style

Folly had the Great pleasure in asking Mr Petrushka what inspires his magical madness, and the concepts behind his toy land antics….

Self portrait

Martin Petrushka

“Every child creates imaginary worlds. I spent a lot of my childhood lost in these worlds, making elaborate environments for my playthings, who didn’t?!.. an armchair becomes a mountain to climb, under a table..a cave.

I’m sure my work is an extension of my child imagination. It is perhaps a belligerent wish to extend the time we are allocated as children, to play and get lost in the worlds we create.

As an artist and an adult, i seek to re-imagine the intended purpose of ‘toys’. To give them life and magic in and among abstract oddity, rather than simply as, the ‘good wife’ kitchen Barbie or the tank driving action ‘hero’.

I am uncomfortable with the rigid boundaries of gender stereotyping and so set about mixing up the purpose and context of these living vintage dolls to portray more subtle, unexplainable roles. Petrushka is a world with no particular boundaries.

It is about sharing an ante-dote to the predictable normality of full scale life.

I myself am a northerner, a father of 2 teenage children, partner of 24 years to Lady P.

I am an illustrator, designer, photographer, film maker and puppeteer.

If i were to leave a legacy, it would be the principle that, despite the seriousness nature of ‘stuff’, wisdom looks like a child with the knowing that, what really matters is….nothing”.


Chains are off…

Now as we all know..

“Curiosity often leads to trouble”……

while foraging for fancies,

Little Folly fell down a rabbit hOle!!!





with a bumped head and a rather bruised soul…

she landed


the utter madness

of the mad hatters tea party.


“my….. what a peculiar place to have a party”


A fallen Folly


‘O…Mr rabbit!!!’


Folly in wonderland

Petrushka proves that anything is possible through the power of imagination….And his imagination is a warped, yet wondrous wonderland.

 Like a still version of cirque du soleil’s Kuros, cabinet of curiosities……. but pumped up on some super steroids!!

Provoking a reminisent feeling of rapture inside of the minds eye, propelling memories of sheer childhood fantasy fuzed with reality, The works of Petrushka are truely a Marvel to be experienced, An artistic entwinement  of opulence, eccentricity, romance, and melencholy madness!

Alice's Folly

Alice’s Folly

A little more conversation….From the “O talented one”

Folly– petrushka, an intriguing name! Where did this originate?

Petrushka– It is from a stravinski ballet first performed in 1911. A story about the love of a puppet, petrushka.

Brought to life by the charlatan. Petrushka loves the ballerina but she rejects him in favour of her love, the Moor.

Petrushka challenges the Moor and is slain. Petrushkas ghost rises above the puppet theatre then collapses in a second death..

For me it is about bringing inanimate objects to life through imagery. Provoking and embracing the dark and light.

I love the puppet / human parallell. Lifes a game. A stage and if were unconscious of this we surrender our humanity and become simple marionettes to the puppet makers…

Alice-“But I don’t want to go among mad people” 11178427_474981615991585_1925836710_n Cat- “Oh, you can’t help that. We’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad”

Alice- “How do you know I’m mad?” 11160155_474414062715007_2104559434_n-2   Cat- “You must be. Or you wouldn’t have come here!” 11117353_474981482658265_434865068_n

Petrushka – ‘you are petrushka’ implies this at the same time as stating a collective idea that we are together.. We are all the same…




Martin Linford Petrushka- Conceptual vintage doll photography from the Petrushka Doll Garage.