The Opulent Opening Gala of Glitzy Girls and Pure Glamour…

Camden calling….

Friday the 15th brought the fiercely feisty, festival of the glittering glamourous.

Going at it in their glitzy get up’s, the performers featuring in Chaz Royals London Burlesque festival were more than enough to get the crowds hearts needing a rest!

With a voice like BOOM!, Mz DeVille showcases pure Va Va Voom!!…

From the offing there was an outstanding opening to the show from the rambunctious ringleader and curvaceous class act..

The one and only …

Mz Kiki DeVille.

folly fatale

Mz DeVille has already added the felicitous title of  ‘ Vintage Personality of the year’  to her titivating throne, which she weilded when welcoming and warming the crowd with her voluptuous voice and tongue-in-cheek comedy…

She certainly knew how to set the sparks flying for the furnace of frivolous frolicking females that were to follow.

With a lengthy line up of lavish lovelies lighting up and dressing down on the velvet draped stage of Dingwalls, it was to be only minutes before the billowing visions of burnt orange silks were skimming the waves of the hot and steamy air inside the voyers venue.

Flickering flames, temptress Amore tames…

Mimi Amore and her amazing fanciful fans of couture, a vision of vibrant, vivid colours.packing a passionate punch upon stage.

Lit up like lanterns, flickering and licking her skin like flames, she enticed the astounded onlookers as she whirled and twirled, whilst taming her silken showpiece…

folly fatale

folly fatale

Alluringly sweet, A perfectly petite treat…

With ‘forget me not’ infused into her name, Lady Myosotis will leave you feeling far from the same.

What a treat she is… whilst perfectly petite, she had a voice that could be heard from the street!

Lady Myosotis charmed the cheering crowd with her enticing song of ‘whatever lady wants’..

leaving it plain to see that lady, definitely gets!! 

folly fatale

folly fatale

folly fatale

The Rumba-ing Russian is at the ready, audience you’d better hold steady!…

The fast paced footsteps of the tassel teasing, latin pleasing, dancing desire that is Avdotia the Russian Doll

Rumba-ing into the room, steadfast into the stages spotlight with some full throttle hip shaking and mind racing moves.

Avdotia the Russian doll showcased a saucy style of a sexy pumped up pleasure!

A true sashaying stage siren that was by no means shy of the bright lights of the stages spotlight!!

I loved this lavishly long legged lady!!

folly fatale

folly fatale

folly fatale

A roarkus sight of starrs blades in flight…

Agile to say the least Aurora Starr drifted on to stage, gracefully gallant and noticeably ninja like.

Laced up in lashings of leather, working her silver swords in a warrior princess stance.

Mesmerising the masses with the controlled contortion and distortion of her body and blades.

This is one starr that had crowds in full applause with total amazement and ongoing admiration in their gaze!

folly fatale

Feathery boa’d and glittery eyed, Isabella brought a little bit of bliss to the night!…

Fabulously feminine in her form, with a flock of fabulous mock marabou feathers draped over Miss glistening bliss’s body.

 Sensually she serenades the seated with a sultry performance before turning her stage time into a twirling, teasing ‘tub like’ time.

Wonderfully wet and wild, whirling wonderusly in larger than life cocktail glass for all to see!

folly fatale

folly fatale

folly fatale

Temptress of fire, a red hot desire!…

Far from winding the show down, Ivizia Dakini set the stage alight once more!

Wowing crowds before the final closing of the curtain.

With her fierce flame eating, fire throwing, stage glowing appearance, Ivizia was one red hot showgirl!

Perfectly placing flaming pokers on her fire proof pout, she left everyone in the room in awe, that was no doubt!

folly fatale

folly fatale

The beauty of Burlesque is above and beyond the sterotypical scuttlebutt of the un-experienced…

With an entwinement of classic cabaret, tongue-in-cheek comedy and creative circus artistry the art of Burlesque blew my mind and is much more than many seem to think…

From my experience, the man with the master-plan Mr Chaz Royal has put on a sensationally successful show that features vivacious, curvaceous, confident and the charmingly charismatic characters of all shapes and sizes.

Fuelled with flirty fun, to me this show seemed a complete celebration of the feminine form bootifully bursting with body confidence!

After the show

Folly caught up with the crew backstage…

Folly Fatale, Kiki DeVille, Lady Mystosis & Ivizia Dakini Backstage after the show.

Folly Fatale, Kiki DeVille, Lady Mystosis & Ivizia Dakini Backstage after the show.

Reading tonight has been a delight..


Seeing is believing….

Go see the show! book now! this is one not to miss, believe me, it is absolute bliss!

Get your red hot tickets here!!

Folly Fatale wearing a vintage 1950's couture halter full circle dress , purchased from the fabulous Mz Velvet Mourning & Maude lucite ajoure box bag from Mr Timmy Pickles.

Folly Fatale
wearing a vintage 1950’s couture halter, full circle dress. Purchased from the fabulous Mz Velvet Mourning, my favourite vintage seller!! & A Maude lucite ajoure box bag from Mr Timmy Pickles.

With thanks to the wonderful David Kerr for coming along with Folly to take the amazing images of the exciting evening!

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