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And so it begins…

The unmistakable tip tap & patter of my ten tonne tin type writer…

The recreational recorder of all of my jibbering chatter, permanently imprinted with its inky ribboned splatter!

You see my pen to paper silence has been almost three years in exile-ance, But it’s been all for the infusing of my vintage enthusing, for you.


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For Folly is featured having the final word all about Mz Fatale in this months marvellous issue..

Folly's Final Word!

Folly’s Final Word!

So…feast your pretty, pre-modern lovin’ peepers across my interesting intro, bubbly bombshell bio and a couple of classic questions from the dolls at VLM…

 All answered by yours truly…

folly fatale for vintage life magazine

The bygone era-esk image featured was photographed by the fabulous David Kerr @

Where Folly was captured wandering the classic castle surroundings in Whitstable, Kent..

Wearing the nostalgic knockout that is the Olivia blouse and swing trouser set, from none other than the Lindy Hoppin’, Retro Rockin’ Heyday! vintage.

Read more on this sensational 40’s set in a former feature right here at in…

Mayday, Mayday, Folly needs more Heyday!

Where there are lots more images on these incredable items.

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The flamboyance of Featherstone and his fabulous flamingos…

Perky, Pink and Perfectly Poised…

The famous poised pair of flamboyant fuchsia flamingo’s that adorned many a lawn in the late 50’s and onwards has had a sad day indeed, as its ingenious inventor Mr Donald Featherstone has passed away due to illness.

Making Marvellous Mingoes…

Curios yet canny, the bandy legged birds were Created in 1957.

The pink flamingo was just one of 750 crafty creations made by Featherstone for the company Union Products, of which he worked.

He was also appointed president of the company until the year 2000.

During his time as an avid creator and inventor, Donald was awarded the the Ig Nobel prize in art, the prize being a parody of the Nobel prizes given to honour the unusual or trivial achievements in scientific research.

Folly has just perfect way to celebrate these cleverly plastic clad pirouetting all weather creations….

Go pick up a pair today…. Get flocked and adorn your lawn!

Here at –

Join me later on a vivid voyage full of flocking fun!!

When I feature all things fabulously flamingo around Folly’s fortress in memory of Mr Featherstone and the famous fifties fun-time flamingo!!

Saturday night at the Movies…

With a fancy for some boppin’ beats and red hot roadsters cruisin’ the streets…

Folly has full on Fifties film fever tonight!

Now, my Saturday night in just wouldn’t be complete without the company of some….

Hot Roddin’…

Retro Rockin’…

Cool Cats!



These all come complete in the Rockabilly Rebel film

Deuce of Spades!

Check out the tasty teaser here…

Les Remember…

Hip hip hooray, Les Paul… 100 Today!

100 years ago today on the 9th of june 1915, Lester William Polsfuss was born, better known as The great Les Paul.

Americas multi talented musician and innovative luthier, the prime pioneer creator of the solid-body electric guitar.

As an avid radio listener, Les was in awe of the sounds of the guitar players over the waves, these were to be the waves that would wash over him, willing him to work hard on his paper route to get enough money together for his first guitar.

Relishing the replication of the riffs, Les became know as red hot red during his teenage years, together gripping his guitar and harmonica in hand, Les played at the packed out local drive-in.

Mounting the mouthpiece from his mothers telephone onto a broom stick and wiring it to her radio Les amplified his voice so even the pack of cats at the back, could hear him loud and clear.

Via the means of a hand written note, drive-in surfing to the front, Les was informed that while his voice and sounds of his harmonica were good, his voice needed to be louder!

So this got Les a thinkin’ and a tinkerin’….

Now wiring his guitar to his fathers radio and inserting an arm from his mothers phonograph, Les had plucked upon his first guitar, but it sounded far from what he had desired.

Profusely packing the guitar with a few of his sports socks, his dads old rags and his mums best tablecloth Les quickly realised that wasn’t going to work.

So he then furiously filled the carcass with a clay like substance, pouring in plaster of paris, until…..

That was to be the end of that guitar!

Moving on..

Les and his friends found a 2 foot piece of old rail and together with his marvellous made up microphone from his mothers telephone, along with a stretched string strapped onto the length of the rail, Les’s luck was finally in, as he had struck upon his sought after solid body guitar, less the feedback!

Les and his wife Mary Ford

Les and his wife Mary Ford

Effects Respect…

Tape delay, phasing effects, multi track and overdubbing were just some of Les’s genius gifts to the music world, but with the art of overdubbing being his revolutionary sound on sound effect, he helped to change the recording process like nothing had before.

With Les Paul’s extensive musical career, masterful creations and his future musical inspirations… I feel if I were to set about writing it all out, I fear I too would be here still writing whilst celebrating my 100th year!

So i leave you here at the entrance to the site that officially documents the musical delights of the musical marvel, the Man and the Master, Mr Les Paul…

Here’s one of my favourite songs too by the wonderful duo…


Happy Birthday Dear Marilyn…

On this very day in the summer of 1926, the beautiful bundle of joy that was Norma Jeane entered the world and changed Hollywood forever more.

To celebrate what would have been her 85th birthday, Folly fancied taking that famous wiggle down memory lane…

As a much-loved, admired and marvelled in movie star, the marvellous Miss Marilyn Monroe had a turbulent yet triumphant short life.

Here’s just a mere snippet into the life and times… the before, the ‘becoming ‘ and bag load of  beautiful and beyond!

Here are just some of the findings from my years of faithful following, Images of immense beauty and quotes from the superstar sensation herself…

“No one ever told me I was pretty when I was a little girl, all little girls should be told they’re pretty even if they aren’t”

The far too short yet all together mesmerising life and times of Miss Monroe started on the 1st of June 1926, Born as Norma Jeane Mortensen, then baptised as Norma Jeane Baker, Marilyn as we know her today was to be born into the most unforgiving and unfortunate of circumstances.

Her mother Gladys Baker (née Monroe) showed early signs of serious emotional disturbance after Norma Jeanes birth, with her mother’s mind neither here nor there at any given time and the confusion over who her real father was….Norma Jeane grew up a disillusioned young waif, torn between her mothers reality and fantasy worlds.

Aged only 9, Norma Jeane was sent to a Hollywood orphanage, this was to be the beginnings of being pushed from unloving pillar to un-affectionate post.

Norma was to be frequently sent to and from many un-reassuring adults, to even more unfamiliar institutions during her sad set up of an infancy.

Turmoil and tears…

During the years of adolescence Norma claimed to have been abused by a lodger at a foster home, teased at school for being ‘norma Jeane string bean’ and also claimed to have given birth between the ages of 14 – 15, the baby boy of which was taken away from her by her guardian and given up for adoption.

Sweet sixteen

Marrying her first husband Jim Dougherty at the sweet age of 16, This was to be a much welcomed relief to Norma’s guardian who was more than ready to pass the buck.

Norma Jeane had said “I was a peculiar wife, I liked boys and girls much younger than me, I played games with them until my husband came out and started calling me to go to bed.”

During this marriage, while Jim was working away and while Norma worked at a factory, she was to meet David Conover,  A photographer who gave her a taste for the limelight, taking her image and running with it, it wasn’t to be long before features and contracts had her name all over them.

But, the name on these contracts had now changed into the blonde bombshell we all know and adore…

 ‘Miss Marilyn Monroe’

With the signing of the Twentieth century fox contracts, came the signing of Marilyn’s divorce papers, Jim had given Marilyn an ultimatum, “it’s me or the modelling”

so, her marriage to Jim was over!

“I don’t want to make money, I just want to be wonderful”

Starring in her first film ‘Ladies of the chorus’ during 1948, Monroe became a star in the making, many good and bad men saw Monroe’s potential and with a stream of sponsors and lustful lovers at her feet, Marilyn was heading to the top.

“I’m very definitely a woman, and I enjoy it”

‘Love happy’ was the 1949 film that Monroe first showcased that saucy, saunter of a wiggle walk… leave mouths wide open with wonder and awe at what they saw!

Craftily created by shaving just a quarter of an inch off the heel of one shoe, the height imbalance created that famous head turning hourglass hobble.

Racking up the reels…

With everyone wanting a slice of the cheesecake that was the million dollar Monroe, she continued to feature in countless films, some utterly fabulous, some mediocre but all just as acutely alluring as the next.

A fifties affair…

During 1953 Marilyn was to marry again, this time to sportsman Joe DiMaggio, this sadly a marriage filled with jealousy and violence and just 274 days later, Monroe filed for divorce.

“the body is meant to be seen, not all covered up”

Back to business…Monroe’s image was often laid bare for all to see…

The playmate and the playwright plight…

The already married Arthur Miller and an insatiable Monroe made for a tale of woe.

Miller couldn’t deny his longing for Marilyn, but complications were always rattling their chains in the background, with Millers ex-wife and Marilyn’s old beau DiMaggio lingering for a reconciliation with the star, he was never to be far.

But in 56′ the pair married and hastily headed for the English countryside for a honeymooners haven.

With her career still in full throttle and Miller’s absorption in writing, time together was becoming few and far between.

With this incompatibility eventually spilling sourness on the showtime sweethearts, the couple made it through Millers ‘misfits’ movie and in 1961 their marriage was declared dead and their divorce was final!

Stuck in the middle with you…two!

With life delving deeper into a world of alcohol, agonising depression and divorcing despair Marilyn had made friendships with all the right people and now far too many of the wrong types too!

Frequent mingling with mobsters and canoodling with the Kennedy’s, Marilyn was on a downward spiral to an early death.

Marilyn’s famous “Happy Birthday Mr President” ensemble

Many love affairs were seen unfolding in front of cameras and behind closed doors in the early 60’s.

Rumours suggest an affair with Frank Sinatra had taken place whilst a flitting flirtatious, fury between Jack and Robert Kennedy commenced.

In loving memory

In the summer of 1962 the news broke of the mysterious and most shocking death of Marilyn Monroe, suicide?! or murder?! The conspiracy theories continue…

Found face down in bed, clutching her telephone, A bedside table piled high with pill bottles, the instant evidence pointed to ‘suicide by means of an overdose’ and this was to be the official cause of death.

 Her Lonesome, broken-hearted, tattered personal life consumed her off of the set until the bitter end.


Marilyn Monroe was also still a mega star in the eyes of the observer, then and now!

Boldly beautiful, vibrantly vivacious, fiercely feminine with ferocious tenacity to triumph.

Her style, sauciness and pin-up prowess powers on in all us fun loving 40’s and 50’s fanatics!


Uh… Nothing scratches that Seven year itch quite like the sexy frou frou of the marabou slipper shoe!

folly fatale


If it was good enough for Marilyn, then its good enough for us, hey dolls?!…

folly fatale

With her wondrous and curvaceous wiggle, Marilyn Monroe was often seen wafting around her hollywood haunts, overtly femininely and flamboyantly feathered.

Especially around the film set of the Seven year itch, which was to become the foot in the fashion door for the feathered footwear we so love and adore!

folly fatale

She, along with many other starlets of the 1950s often pussy-footed around in this popular slipper of choice.

Where did these fluffy, feathered foot fancies fly in from.. I hear you ask?!


“Marabout” was a much beloved trimming in the late eighteenth century, applied to many millinery marvels, flamboyant feather boas and a multitude of marvellous muffs. (ooh errr!)

Historically Marabou (as we know it) was spelled Marabout and taken from the Marabou stork, in particular it was the under-tail down that provided the fabulous, frothy feathers that frequently feature in clothing and footwear.

Taking to coloured dyes well, this feather became perfect for the fashionable and trendy timeless trimmings.

Here’s Mr Marabou Maker himself!!

Ok so this fella probably isn't selling those sassy little mules to you right now!!! But....

Ok so this fella probably isn’t selling those sassy little mules to you right now!!! 


It wasn’t to be long before the classy and classic creator Mr Roger Vivier (Dior’s shoemaker) created some of the most elegant examples of this sumptuous style.

Soon becoming incredibly successful, the slinky slipper soon bombarded the boudoirs of buxom bombshells, quickly becoming the perfect choice for pairing with a pretty peignoir gown.

folly fatale

Thinking thoughts of Flirty fun-time & Fabulous Frou Frou….

 As the new found feathered friends for female feet, these fluffy delights became a flirty feature upon many of the mid century movie maidens.

Strutting with the sass of the smouldering screen siren and feistily fluffed up with some serious sex appeal from the boudoir bombshells, these backless slipper shoes were flying off the shelves.

With the likes of The Metropolitan museum stating that –

‘No object better epitomises the sex kitten glamour of the 1950s, than the marabou mule.’

Agent Provocateur - Oh the Glamoeur...

Agent Provocateur – Oh the Glamoeur…

So its no wonder this simple mule became the desperate housewives ‘glam bunny’ bedtime tool.

Get your Vintage man smitten, with your inner pin-up kitten…

So for all you pin-up kittens, its time to get your claws out and slip your feet in to some feathered footwear.

You too can saucily set out to cause mayhem with your man, come that bubbly bedtime hour!!

Where to puuurr-chase…

With the ever fabulous vintage sellers on eBay and Etsy, you are sure to find some fantastic feathered finds with a quick click of your fingers.

 Although not readily available in many shops these days, some modern versions can still be found in online shoe stores.

The Must have back in the day brands  to look out for are…

– Polly of California


– Frederick’s of Hollywood

Now you’re all set, go get feather foraging like Folly!!

Tie me up & wear me out!….

Now, Now… Its not what you think!!!!

Although it does sound like a recipe to get you guys a little hot under the collar huh?!?

Well, with a line up of pin-up perky’s and some desirable dancing dolls that just love to drape themselves around your neck, of course I’m talking about…


Also know as the Swing tie, or Jump necktie.


Now that we’re clear on that, I can’t wait to tell you all about Folly’s findings on the tantalising ties of the late 1940’s-1950’s.

No more bore, now we’re Post-war!

With the wickedness of wartime and an age of austerity almost behind them, both the men and women that had lived through the undesirable utilitarian times were yearning for a post war POP of colour…

Wide, bright and a little bit naughty at first sight…

 For men in the United States, the desirability of an exuberant wider shaped, silken, hand painted or printed tie was to be extremely stimulating!

Causing quite the stir, they were the much celebrated and sought after male must-have accessory!

Many examples featuring the pert pin-ups and dainty dancing dolls of every mans deepest desires….

 As well as the naughty, there was also the novelty niche, each and every one available in a painters palette of punchy colours! 

The necktie became part of a self expressionist trend, so much so that the trend became tied up into a lucrative collectors realm, many enthusiasts collecting hundreds of the acquired taste accessory… buying and selling at specialist clubs.

Brightening up Britain…

With British fashion still a more conservative, classic and overall a more understated style than the US, many Brits were still opting for the narrower, knitted style necktie.

But it wasn’t to be long before some men dared to wear the styles inspired from all the way over in trend setting America.

Gee! Thanks Cecil….

  It was to be Cecil Gee who outrageously pushed the boundaries of the british, he was to be the first during 1946 to import the ‘American look’ into his London shop.

“After the blitz, here comes the Ritz”….

A promise Cecil put into action..

Soon tons of ties were available in his store, many featuring flockings of feathers, flamboyant florals and the wildest scenes from the wild, wild west!

Every Saturday saw a queue of men lined up ready and waiting, eager to purchase the quirky and sometimes perky neckties of the new brighter future.

Ties today…

Fetching a pretty penny today, Vintage neckties of flashy and fanciful designs can be found on sites such as Ebay and Etsy…

Heres a few of my favourites to give you a head start.

GO! Tie your cash up into some very necessary vintage!

The Opulent Opening Gala of Glitzy Girls and Pure Glamour…

Camden calling….

Friday the 15th brought the fiercely feisty, festival of the glittering glamourous.

Going at it in their glitzy get up’s, the performers featuring in Chaz Royals London Burlesque festival were more than enough to get the crowds hearts needing a rest!

With a voice like BOOM!, Mz DeVille showcases pure Va Va Voom!!…

From the offing there was an outstanding opening to the show from the rambunctious ringleader and curvaceous class act..

The one and only …

Mz Kiki DeVille.

folly fatale

Mz DeVille has already added the felicitous title of  ‘ Vintage Personality of the year’  to her titivating throne, which she weilded when welcoming and warming the crowd with her voluptuous voice and tongue-in-cheek comedy…

She certainly knew how to set the sparks flying for the furnace of frivolous frolicking females that were to follow.

With a lengthy line up of lavish lovelies lighting up and dressing down on the velvet draped stage of Dingwalls, it was to be only minutes before the billowing visions of burnt orange silks were skimming the waves of the hot and steamy air inside the voyers venue.

Flickering flames, temptress Amore tames…

Mimi Amore and her amazing fanciful fans of couture, a vision of vibrant, vivid colours.packing a passionate punch upon stage.

Lit up like lanterns, flickering and licking her skin like flames, she enticed the astounded onlookers as she whirled and twirled, whilst taming her silken showpiece…

folly fatale

folly fatale

Alluringly sweet, A perfectly petite treat…

With ‘forget me not’ infused into her name, Lady Myosotis will leave you feeling far from the same.

What a treat she is… whilst perfectly petite, she had a voice that could be heard from the street!

Lady Myosotis charmed the cheering crowd with her enticing song of ‘whatever lady wants’..

leaving it plain to see that lady, definitely gets!! 

folly fatale

folly fatale

folly fatale

The Rumba-ing Russian is at the ready, audience you’d better hold steady!…

The fast paced footsteps of the tassel teasing, latin pleasing, dancing desire that is Avdotia the Russian Doll

Rumba-ing into the room, steadfast into the stages spotlight with some full throttle hip shaking and mind racing moves.

Avdotia the Russian doll showcased a saucy style of a sexy pumped up pleasure!

A true sashaying stage siren that was by no means shy of the bright lights of the stages spotlight!!

I loved this lavishly long legged lady!!

folly fatale

folly fatale

folly fatale

A roarkus sight of starrs blades in flight…

Agile to say the least Aurora Starr drifted on to stage, gracefully gallant and noticeably ninja like.

Laced up in lashings of leather, working her silver swords in a warrior princess stance.

Mesmerising the masses with the controlled contortion and distortion of her body and blades.

This is one starr that had crowds in full applause with total amazement and ongoing admiration in their gaze!

folly fatale

Feathery boa’d and glittery eyed, Isabella brought a little bit of bliss to the night!…

Fabulously feminine in her form, with a flock of fabulous mock marabou feathers draped over Miss glistening bliss’s body.

 Sensually she serenades the seated with a sultry performance before turning her stage time into a twirling, teasing ‘tub like’ time.

Wonderfully wet and wild, whirling wonderusly in larger than life cocktail glass for all to see!

folly fatale

folly fatale

folly fatale

Temptress of fire, a red hot desire!…

Far from winding the show down, Ivizia Dakini set the stage alight once more!

Wowing crowds before the final closing of the curtain.

With her fierce flame eating, fire throwing, stage glowing appearance, Ivizia was one red hot showgirl!

Perfectly placing flaming pokers on her fire proof pout, she left everyone in the room in awe, that was no doubt!

folly fatale

folly fatale

The beauty of Burlesque is above and beyond the sterotypical scuttlebutt of the un-experienced…

With an entwinement of classic cabaret, tongue-in-cheek comedy and creative circus artistry the art of Burlesque blew my mind and is much more than many seem to think…

From my experience, the man with the master-plan Mr Chaz Royal has put on a sensationally successful show that features vivacious, curvaceous, confident and the charmingly charismatic characters of all shapes and sizes.

Fuelled with flirty fun, to me this show seemed a complete celebration of the feminine form bootifully bursting with body confidence!

After the show

Folly caught up with the crew backstage…

Folly Fatale, Kiki DeVille, Lady Mystosis & Ivizia Dakini Backstage after the show.

Folly Fatale, Kiki DeVille, Lady Mystosis & Ivizia Dakini Backstage after the show.

Reading tonight has been a delight..


Seeing is believing….

Go see the show! book now! this is one not to miss, believe me, it is absolute bliss!

Get your red hot tickets here!!

Folly Fatale wearing a vintage 1950's couture halter full circle dress , purchased from the fabulous Mz Velvet Mourning & Maude lucite ajoure box bag from Mr Timmy Pickles.

Folly Fatale
wearing a vintage 1950’s couture halter, full circle dress. Purchased from the fabulous Mz Velvet Mourning, my favourite vintage seller!! & A Maude lucite ajoure box bag from Mr Timmy Pickles.

With thanks to the wonderful David Kerr for coming along with Folly to take the amazing images of the exciting evening!